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Yale Climate Day 2024

Yale Climate Day

May 1, 2024
Yale Climate Day 2024 May 1, 2024 Greenberg Conference Center 391 Prospect Street New Haven, CT 06511 Yale Climate Day brings the Yale community together to discuss climate...

Study of slowly evolving ‘living fossils’ reveals key genetic insights

March 4, 2024
Yale researchers have discovered evidence of why a fish group, considered “living fossils,” has existed largely unchanged for tens of millions of years.  In 1859, Charles...

Science in motion: Predicting a dinosaur’s stride

February 16, 2024
A new Yale-led study combines 3D images and computer animation to visualize the movements of a long-extinct dinosaur. Researchers have developed a new way to visualize how...
Eli Fenichel

Edward P. Bass Distinguished Lecture - Connecting Environment and Economy

November 15, 2023
Dear YIBS community, Please join us in attending the Edward P. Bass Distinguished Lecture: Connecting Environment and Economy.  Speaker: Eli Fenichel Date: Wednesday,...
Pincelli Hull (Photo by Dan Renzetti)

Yale Paleontologist Named a Schmidt Science Polymath Fellow

November 7, 2023
Yale paleontologist Pincelli Hull, whose research into ancient marine life and ocean ecosystems has led to new insights into long-ago mass extinction events and what they...

Fish, Reconsidered: An Updated ‘Tree of Life’ Draws Surprising Connections

October 30, 2023
In a major new work, Yale ichthyologist Thomas Near revises branches of the Tree of Life concerning most fish species based on the latest scientific knowledge. At first...

YSE Scientists Make Critical Breakthrough in Mapping Global Methane Emissions from Rivers and Streams

August 30, 2023
Methane levels in the atmosphere are now more than two and a half times their pre-industrial level, accounting for 25% of global warming to date. Understanding the many...