G. Evelyn Hutchinson Postdoctoral Associates

Elizabeth Sibert, Ph.D. 

Theme 1 – Environment and Evolution 

Research description: Elizabeth focuses on how fish and marine ecosystems respond to global climate changes. She uses the microfossil record of fish and sharks – their microscopic teeth and scales, preserved in deep-sea sediments – to reconstruct marine ecosystem dynamics across major global change events throughout Earth’s history, including global warming and mass extinctions spanning timescales ranging from 100 million years ago to the present. Elizabeth is most interested in how marine ecosystems function and what types of processes and environmental conditions drive evolution in those ecosystems. At Yale, she will focus on developing a multi-proxy record of a major and undescribed open ocean extinction event in order to better understand the structure of today’s marine ecosystems. 

Fellowship dates: October 2020- September 2022

Jason Vleminckx

Jason Vleminckx, Ph.D. 

Theme 1 – Environment and Evolution 

Research description: Jason is a community ecologist studying the determinants of species assembly in diverse living groups (plants, fungi, invertebrates) in Neotropical and Central African tropical forests. At Yale, he will focus on modeling how Amazonian tree communities respond to inter-annual variation in solar irradiance and rainfall due to El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events, and to disentangle these effects from the influence of directional changes in temperature, cloud cover, and atmospheric CO2 concentration. His project will be carried out using large seedling plots and seed trap data recorded by a network of collaborating ecologists at regular time intervals over the last two decades in Western Amazonia.

Fellowship dates: March 2021 - February 2023

Quentin Bateux

Quentin Bateux, Ph.D. 

Cluster 1 – Deep Learning and Image Processing for Transformational Environmental Science 

Research description: Quentin is interested in applying computer vision to the analysis of herbarium images at a large scale, in order to automatically extract meaningful features that can be related to phenotypic characteristics that can be exploited by ecologists.

Fellowship dates: July 2022 - June 2024

Nadia Zikiou

Nadia Zikiou, Ph.D. 

Cluster 1 – Deep Learning and Image Processing for Transformational Environmental Science 

Research description: The main mission of Nadia’s work remains the study of environmental changes and Land use /Land cover. This work is based on Sparse Representation methods, Machine Learning (SVM and CNN) and high-resolution image analysis.

Fellowship dates: July 2022 - June 2024

Yen-Hua Huang

Yen-Hua Huang, Ph.D. 

Cluster 2 – Trophic Ecology of African Savannas

Research description: Yen-Hua’s research focuses on interactions among diseases, hosts, and the environment. He has examined how the environment drives diseases through host ecology. He plans to evaluate potential influence of diseases on the environment via host responses.

Fellowship dates: August 2022 - July 2024