Fellowships & Awards

YIBS supports fellowship opportunities such as the Gaylord Donnelley Postdoctoral Environmental Fellowship, which funds postdoctoral positions for research in biodiversity or a combination of biodiversity with public policy and conservation, and the G. Evelyn Hutchinson Postdoctoral Environmental Fellowship, which supports the environmental priorities identified in Yale’s strategy to advance the sciences, specifically targeting the topics of climate change, the environment and evolution. The Bass Visiting Environmental Scholars Program brings premier scholars in any field dealing with the study of the environment, past or present, to Yale for an extended period of time. The Summer Undergraduate Research in the Environmental Sciences (SURES) Program offers funded research opportunities for students from historically excluded groups in the environmental sciences to spend 8 weeks during the summer conducting research, analyzing data, and writing up their results with the mentorship of a YIBS-affiliated faculty member at Yale University.

The YIBS Small Grants Program awards grants in all areas of biospheric studies, including but not limited to research primarily affiliated with the departments of Anthropology, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, the School of Public Health, Epidemiology, and the Yale School of the Environment. Proposals are solicited annually during the spring term (due in March) and results are announced before the completion of the term. Additionally, YIBS offers graduate student support to the departments of Anthropology, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and the Yale School of the Environment.

Gaylord Donnelley Postdoctoral Environmental Fellowship

G. Evelyn Hutchinson Environmental Postdoctoral Fellowship

Osborn Memorial Laboratories

Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Environmental Scholars Program

Summer Undergraduate Research in the Environmental Sciences (SURES) 

Small Grants Program 

Graduate Student Support

Seed Grants Program