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The History and Challenge of Grassy Biomes

October 12, 2022
Grasses tend to be undervalued but have influenced the trajectory of human history through their domestication as food staples, as well as natural ecosystems worldwide. YIBS...
The Smoky Mountains are home to about 30 species of lungless salamanders, including Plethodon montanus. Mike Belleme

Natural Inspiration

September 22, 2022
Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & YIBS Faculty Affiliate, Martha Muñoz, has shown that organisms can influence their own evolution, a lesson she’s...
Similar leaf types evolved independently in three species of plants found in cloud forests of Oaxaca, Mexico and three species of plants in similar environment in Chiapas, Mexico. This example of parallel evolution is one of several found by Yale-led scientists and suggests that evolution may be predictable.

Plant Study Hints Evolution May be Predictable

July 22, 2022
Evolution has long been viewed as a rather random process, with the traits of species shaped by chance mutations and environmental events — and therefore largely...
Diversity of hummingbird plumage color.

In Colorful Avian World, Hummingbirds Rule

June 23, 2022
Yale ornithologist Richard Prum has spent years studying the molecules and nanostructures that give many bird species their rich colorful plumage, but nothing prepared him...
An experimental fire in Lopé National Park in Gabon. (Photos by Anabelle Cardoso)

Crossing Fire Threshold can Quickly Turn Blazes Dangerous

June 20, 2022
Global climate change has already exacerbated the risk of fire and is likely to fuel even more change as accelerating feedback loops create disastrous consequences for both...

Revelations of Genetic Diversity of Bass Species can Enhance Conservation

June 13, 2022
A new study by Yale ichthyologists provides a clearer picture of species diversity among black basses — one of the most cherished and economically important lineages of...

Discovery of Lonely Tortoise Doubles Known Members of Galapagos Species

June 9, 2022
The discovery in 2019 of a lone small female tortoise living on one of the most inaccessible islands of the Galapagos Islands has baffled evolutionary biologists. Only one...