Announcing the 2016 YIBS Doctoral Grant Recipients!

May 12, 2016

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 YIBS Doctoral Pilot and Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Awards!

Twenty-two doctoral students from the Schools of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Public Health, and Engineering & Applied Science and the Departments of Geology & Geophysics, Anthropology, and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology will use YIBS support to carry out environmental research in the coming year. Stay tuned for research updates from our grantees!

Doctoral Pilot Awards

Janet Burke (Geology & Geophysics): Planktonic foraminiferal morphology and porosity in a cooling ocean

Chloe Chen-Kraus (Anthropology): Assessing impacts of anthropogenic disturbance on lemurs at Bezà Mahafaly Special Reserve, Madagascar

Devon Cole (Geology & Geophysics): Silica cycling through the biosphere across the Permian-Triassic Extinction

Matteo Fabbri (Geology & Geophysics): 4D dynamics of cells and tissues to revolutionize neurogenesis in Archosauria

Jessica Glass (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) A comparison of stable isotope analytical techniques for a marine teleost predator, the Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis)

Michael Hanson (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology): The development and evolution of cranial kinesis in birds

Myles Lennon (Anthropology): Diversifying the solar market from the top-down and bottom-up

Daniel MacGuigan (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology): Environmental effects on genomic signatures of hybridization

Jon Powell (Engineering & Applied Science): Establishing waste informatics to mitigate materials management impacts to the terrestrial biosphere

Peter Umunay (Forestry & Environmental Studies): Quantifying emissions from human-induced causes of forest degradation in the Congo Basin Region

Christopher Whalen (Geology & Geophysics): Phylogenetic systematics of Pan-Gnathostomata

Siyang Xia (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology): Oviposition preference in sylvatic and domestic populations of Aedes aegypti in Gabon

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Awards

David Auerbach (Geology & Geophysics): Understanding the evolution of the Patagonian rain shadow through the Cenozoic

Katelyn Gray (Geology & Geophysics): Reconstructing terrestrial climates using gar scales

Lan Jin (Forestry & Environmental Studies): Air pollution and adverse birth outcomes in Lanzhou, China

Hui Li (Geology & Geophysics): New internal biothermometer in biomass-PO4 to study vent macrobiota at the seafloor and microbial life beneath the seafloor

Holger Petermann (Geology & Geophysics): Influence of changes in climate on squamate growth: Implications for future biodiversity loss

Natalie Schultz (Forestry & Environmental Studies): Quantitative analysis of the effects of land cover change on climate extremes

Noah Sokol (Forestry & Environmental Studies): From plant carbon to stable soil organic carbon: is the path traveled as important as the input itself?

Steve Whittaker (Public Health): Ambient air pollution per specific land use features in the Eastern Caribbean region

Michelle Young (Anthropology): Land management practices and ecological verticality: A study of prehispanic environmental adaptation strategies at Atalla, Huancavelica, Peru

Yiqi Zheng (Geology & Geophysics): Using relationships between photosynthesis and formaldehyde column as a probe of isoprene emission

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