YIBS supports fellowship opportunities such as the Gaylord Donnelley Postdoctoral Environmental Fellowship, which funds postdoctoral positions for research in biodiversity or a combination of biodiversity with public policy and conservation, and the Hutchinson Postdoctoral Environmental Fellowship, which supports the environmental priorities identified in Yale’s strategy to advance the sciences, specifically targeting the topics of climate change, the environment and evolution.

YIBS also brings premier scholars in any environmentally-related field to Yale for an extended period of time through its Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Environmental Scholars Program

Additionally, YIBS offers graduate student support to the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and to the Yale Departments of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Engineering, and Geology & Geophysics. YIBS also provides small grants for research affiliated with a wide range of Yale departments.

Learn more about these funding and visiting scholar opportunities below, and meet some current and former YIBS postdoctoral fellows here.

Donnelley Postdoctoral Environmental Fellowships

Hutchinson Postdoctoral Environmental Fellowships
Osborn Memorial Laboratories

YIBS Graduate Students

YIBS Small Grants Program

Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Environmental Scholars Program


Learn more about YIBS Postdoctoral Fellows:


Paleontologist & YIBS Donnelley Fellow Erin Saupe

YIBS Donnelley Fellow | Dr. Erin Saupe from YIBS on Vimeo.


Evolutionary biologist & former YIBS Donnelley Fellow Peter Cowman

YIBS Donnelley Fellow | Dr. Peter Cowman from YIBS on Vimeo.