Supporting Environmental Science at Yale

The Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies (YIBS) is the umbrella environmental science center on campus. We support and inspire the environmental community at Yale through research and training, grants and fellowships, and weekly seminars and events. We use a collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach to study the entire biosphere: from molecules to landscapes, and everything in between.


Introducing YIBS from YIBS on Vimeo.


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YIBS Postdoctoral Fellowships


Paleontologist & YIBS Donnelley Fellow Erin Saupe

YIBS Donnelley Fellow | Dr. Erin Saupe from YIBS on Vimeo.


Evolutionary biologist & former YIBS Donnelley Fellow Peter Cowman

YIBS Donnelley Fellow | Dr. Peter Cowman from YIBS on Vimeo.

Field Notes: Stories from the lab and from the field

In the Wind River Water (By Taylor Ganz)


Trees for Kissena (featuring Danica Doroski)

Catching Light (featuring Elizabeth Creech)

Where There’s Smoke (featuring Lucia Woo)

Searching for Densifolia (featuring Adam Roddy)

A Quercus Story (featuring Kyra Prats)
(featuring Devon Cole)
Devon Cole looks at rocks a quarter of a billion years old to study the ends—and beginnings—of life.
(featuring Taylor Ganz)
Taylor Ganz tests the wilderness’ water, to see if human activity down-slope and upwind has reached a protected area.