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Institute for Biospheric Studies Seminars



YIBS/YCEI Friday Noon Seminar Series

Location:  ESC 110, 21 Sachem Street, New Haven, CT

Light Lunch Served

12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM


FALL 2015 Schedule

September 18, 2015
Speaker: Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, Assistant Professor of Geology & Geophysics, Yale University
Topic: “Forging the great vertebrate radiations: Development, anatomy, and function of the avian head over 150 million years”

October 16, 2015
Speaker: Claudia Valeggia, Professor of Anthropology, Yale University
Topic: “Life transitions among the Toba/Qom of northern Argentina: from weaning to menopause in a changing world”

October 30, 2015
Speaker: Sara Kuebbing, Postdoctoral Associate in Forestry And Environmental Studies, Yale University
Topic: “Three’s Company: Interactions and impacts of co-occurring nonnative, invasive plant species”

November 6, 2015
Speaker: Erin Saupe, Postdoctoral Associate in Geology & Geophysics, Yale University
Topic: “Ecological and evolutionary dynamics: what we can learn from synthesizing paleontological and neontological data”

November 13, 2015
Speaker: Menachem Elimelech, Roberto C. Goizueta Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Forestry And Environmental Studies, Yale University
Topic: “The Global Challenge for Water Supply: Is Seawater Desalination a Sustainable Solution?”

November 20, 2015
Speaker: Giuseppe Amatulli, Analyst/Developer in Spatial Biodiversity Science Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
Topic: “Big Data meets Geo-Computation: combining research reproducibility and processing efficiency at Yale”

December 4, 2015
Speaker: Else Marie Friis, Visiting Professor Forestry And Environmental Studies, Yale University
Topic: “Floral structures and reproductive biology in Cretaceous angiosperms”


November 12, 2014
Former Gaylord Donnelley Environmental Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Katy Prudic, demonstrated through her research that eyespots in butterflies are shown to distract predatory...
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy
October 28, 2014
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, The Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies External Advisory Board member and former Chair of this board, has been awarded the Woodrow Wilson Award for...
September 18, 2014
A Yale-led effort to bring “big data” to the study of biodiversity has received a $2.5 million boost, courtesy of the National Science Foundation. The grant is part of a new...