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Institute for Biospheric Studies Seminars



YIBS/ESC Friday Noon Seminar Series

Location:  ESC 110, 21 Sachem Street, New Haven, CT

Light Lunch Served

12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM


SPRING 2014 Schedule


January 17, 2014
Speaker: Maria Diuk-Wasser, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases), Yale School of Public Health
Topic:  Eco-Epidemiological Determinants of Tick-Borne Diseases

January 31, 2014
Speaker:  Oswald Schmitz, Director, Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Oastler Professor of Population and Community Ecology, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
opic:  Landscape of Fear in the Ecosystem

February 7, 2014
Speaker:  Jesse Berman, Donnelley Environmental Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Topic:  Air Pollution and Improved Characterization of Exposure through Spatial Statistics

February 14, 2014
Speaker:  Bill Weber, Bass Distinguished Environmental Scholar, Yale Department of Anthropology; Sr. Conservationist, Wildlife Conservation  Society; Co-Founder of the Mountain Gorilla Project in Rwanda
Topic:  People, Parks and Paradigms:  Conservation Lessons from Africa and North America

February 21, 2014 - YIBS Director’s Vision Seminar
Speaker:  Derek Briggs, G. Evelyn Hutchinson Professor, Geology & Geophysics, Director, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
Topic:  Paleontology - Refining the History of Life

February 28, 2014
Speaker:  Jeremy Jackson, Bass Distinguished Visiting Environmental Scholar, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Topic:  Science, Policy, and the Future of Caribbean Coral Reefs

March 7, 2014
Speaker:  Mark Bradford, Assistant Professor, Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Topic:  The Living Side of Dead Wood: Animals, Fungi and Their Environmental Responses

March 28, 2014
Speaker:  Matthew Ogburn, Donnelley Environmental Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Topic:  Phenotypic Accessibility and the Evolution of Plant Form

March 29, 2014 - SPECIAL Saturday Event:
Northeastern Geobiology Symposium
Location:  Kline Biology Laboratory - click here for information

April 4, 2014
Speaker:  John Fryxell, Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph
Topic:  Social Predator-prey Dynamics in the Serengeti Ecosystem

April 11, 2014
Speaker:  David Watts, Professor, Yale Department of Anthropology
Topic:  Long-term Research on Chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda

April 25, 2014
Speaker: Bridget Nugent, Gaylord Donnelley Environmental Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Topic: Differential Gene Expression in the Oscillated Wrasse Brain May Underlay their Alternative Reproductive Strategies


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