Funding Opportunity: Achieving the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Funding Opportunity


The Yale University Office of Sustainability in partnership with the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies announces a new grant program to fund innovation and hands-on scholarship addressing information needs and solutions in support of the objectives described in Yale University’s ambitious Yale Sustainability Plan 2025. A pool of funding is available to support actionable research by individual or teams of undergraduate, graduate, professional, and doctoral students who have innovative ideas for sustainability projects.


Those interested in receiving funding should review the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025. Proposals for funding should clearly state which ambitions, objectives, and goals of the Sustainability Plan the project will support. Priorities for this year’s funding cycle are


-       Climate adaptation

-       Energy conservation

-       Land and water stewardship

-       Stormwater management

-       Sustainable building standards

-       Carbon Charge Program

-       Biodiversity planning


However, all projects related to the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025 will be considered.


Proposal structure and submission:


To apply for funding, fill out the application form and provide a proposal of the planned work.  The proposal should not exceed 5 single-spaced pages (excluding references). The proposal should explain (1) what specific ambition, objective or goal the project will address and why it is important; (2) the methods that will be used, (3) how the information could be deployed as part of Yale’s sustainability efforts, and (4) an itemized budget. 


Multidisciplinary proposals are especially encouraged, and each project should include strategies for measuring success, reporting, and communications. Each applicant must have the support of a faculty advisor (indicated by a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU]) that spells out the advisor’s engagement and obligations to be signed by faculty.


Requests over $25,000 will not be considered.


Application Deadline: 6 April 2017. Send the application form and proposal in a single PDF file to